Welcome to Smart Support

A collaborative support model where we and our customers truly ‘Work As One’ to solve problems and share knowledge.

What’s Different ?

Our support process is both collaborative and ‘smart’. We’ve made it technology-driven, rather than human effort-driven. Archiving and digitizing our knowledge base in a central online location has made the experience of support friction-less it is painless for all concerned, and also more efficient.

We have created a repository of customer queries and answers based on past interactions the customers. Our machine learning bots (virtual agents) are trained on existing questions and learn intelligently over time.
Based on customer interactions, Our support team is constantly updating the content repository to make it more relevant and accurate. We train our chatbots to understand customer queries and respond correctly with the help of our advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities

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Self-Service Portal

We provide an easy to search knowledgebase that draws on vast amounts of collated knowledge to quickly deliver accurate answers.
Powered by AI/ ML.

24*7 Automated Support

This is an intelligent digital assistant that learns from customer interactions and offers helpful resources and services.

Experts Who Work for You

Personalized assistance from people is provided by across the company with the right skills and with deep


Faster resolution

Less dependency on human effort and skill makes the support process significantly more efficient and minimizes customer frustration.

Better Visibility

A much more proactive and user-friendly experience is provided where issues that are not solved can be logged and status can be tracked online.

Effective Feedbacks

A user-friendly feedback mechanism is provided where customers are encouraged to submit immediate and honest feedback, This helps us help you better.

Personal Attention

More rewarding experience for the customers as they get served by people who can help them in a real and practical sense, and in the fastest possible way.

“YOU ARE A STAR!! Without your follow up and

commitment we wouldn’t get through the day!!! Yet, I can’t

explain the pressure that I was going through from different

channels!! But the good thing is that we have resolved it

ALL, and all projects are back online.”

Ayman El Tannir , Project Director, China Petroleum Engineering

Your Voice Matters

You have a say in new product features and upgrades. If you wish you can, ‘collaborate’ with the product team working on new features and enhancements.

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Client Testimonials

“Before implementing SmartProject, more than 70% of our projects used to get delayed. Now no project gets delayed as SmartProject’s early warning system helps us take corrective action in time.”
Rajiv Verma
Vatika Group, Owner

Welcome to Smart Support