Elevate Your Capital Project Delivery Using SmartProject PMIS

Procurement management

Automate vendor qualification, digitize procurement stages and align processes with the project schedule.

Qualify potential vendors & partners

Allow vendors to register online, assess them through predefined workflows, and obtain necessary approvals from relevant departments.

Procurement preparation phase

Execute e-tendering with approved vendors using BOQ from Engineering via workflow. Vendors upload proposals directly. Perform technical bid evaluation, capture clarifications, and select the winner. Initiate PO creation with ERP integration.

Procurement fulfillment phase

Review and authorize vendor drawings, grant manufacturing process approvals, oversee inspection procedures, and approve shipments. Keep ERP updated with material receipts at the site.

Reverse bidding

Utilize reverse bidding for immediate identification of the lowest bidder, maintaining transparency through an automated audit trail that records bid events in real time.

Procurement progress control

Assign weights to critical procurement objectives and monitor their progress in real-time. Keep stakeholders informed about potential delays and adjust forecasts accordingly. Easily generate procurement S-curves, reports, and dashboards with a simple click.

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Client Testimonials

“Before implementing SmartProject, more than 70% of our projects used to get delayed. Now no project gets delayed as SmartProject’s early warning system helps us take corrective action in time.”
Rajiv Verma
Vatika Group, Owner

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