Elevate Your Capital Project Delivery Using SmartProject PMIS

Process automation & collaboration

Automate and collaborate all your project tasks on a single platform
to improve efficiency, make fewer mistakes, and make project
performance more consistent.

Automated document management.

Organize all your documents with version controls and retrieve project documents using advanced search capabilities.

  • Automate the approval and distribution of documents to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Generate alerts and notifications for critical or all deliverables and tasks.
  • Implement automated quality control checks and inspections throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations through automated auditing and documentation.
  • Use flexible workflows to assign tasks, track progress, and manage approvals.

Procurement process automation.

Automate procurement processes, including supplier selection, bidding, and contract management.

  • Automatically populate project specific details and requirements and manage e-tendering process.
  • Automate communication with suppliers, including RFP notifications, submission deadlines, and statuses.
  • Receive bids from suppliers directly into the system by providing suppliers access to upload bids and technical documents.
  • Manage both commercial and technical bid evaluations through internal workflows.
  • Automate PO creation triggers to ERP.
  • Establish centralized repository to manage all supplier related documents for post PO activities.

Procurement optimization.

Use analytics to make easier decisions and cut costs in procurement.

  • Offer real-time insight into procurement processes and help track orders and deliveries.
  • Work with suppliers on a single platform to improve communication and procurement efficiency.
  • Keep track of a vendor’s compliance and performance.

Fast track collaboration.

Send and receive documents online, and record all comments and approvals with automatic audit trails and version control.

  • Easy collaboration makes it possible to complete projects more quickly.
  • Use resources effectively and reduce downtime through online collaboration.
  • Lower misalignments and increase team communication.

Improve customer satisfaction.

Consistently deliver documents on time and exceed client expectations, resulting in higher satisfaction and strengthened relationships.

  • Align stakeholders by providing the latest project information.
  • Build industry credibility and attract more clients and opportunities.

Seamless Software Integrations: Unlock Infinite Possibilities with APIs.

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Client Testimonials

“Before implementing SmartProject, more than 70% of our projects used to get delayed. Now no project gets delayed as SmartProject’s early warning system helps us take corrective action in time.”
Rajiv Verma
Vatika Group, Owner

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