• April 29, 2024
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Introducing Wrench AI Advisor (WAA)

Transforming Data into Smart Decision

Houston, 29th, Apr 2024: Wrench Solutions releases its AI-powered Advisor (WAA) as part of the latest SmartProject upgrade. WAA uses Adaptive AI and Machine learning (Random forest ML) to help users get the most out of their data. Accessing past problems and solutions to proactive course-correcting and preventive planning and is a must-have for every digitally-driven engineering and EPC organisations. 

WAA will not only prompt, predict, & prioritize tasks for capital projects, it will accurately forecast dates of task, delays and give suggestions for corrective actions in case delays do happen, and will even inform you of potential risks – along with recommendations for mitigation strategies. 

Wondering which projects have the higher chance of success (or failure)? Ask WAA. It will give you detailed insights on how best to utilise your resources, right there on your dashboard.

Need an operating procedure document? Simply ask WAA —it will guide you to the exact page and line number or the timestamp of the video. 

And there’s a lot more! With WAA, you have a virtual assistant to expedite the process from project initiation based on estimation, schedule date with escalation, right up to project handover and closeout.

Wrench AI Advisor (WAA) – The more data, the deeper the insights.